Ready when you are

  • Vaasnet virtual machines are ready for you to start right now. See our virtual machine catalog for a list of the current virtual machines that are prebuilt, pre-booted and in a saved state.
  • The Vaasnet vEngine is running behind the scenes building new virtual machines so that they are ready for you when you need them.
  • We can start and have you remote desktopped into a virtual machine faster than you can register! You will often be at the login screen in under 10 seconds!
  • Vaasnet virtual machines are connected to a fiber backbone.... this means fast downloads to your virtual machine from MSDN or anywhere else on the internet.


  • Easily manage your virtual machines (start, save, shut down, turn off, or delete) from the Vaasnet virtual machine management page.
  • Quickly save your virtual machines and come back to them later without having to make them into templates.
  • Keep your saved virtual machines for as long as you like and pay only for storage. You will only be charged for storage when your virtual machine is in a saved state.
  • When you are finished with your virtual machine, if you do not delete it, your virtual machine will be automatically saved for you. You only pay for disk space at $0.02/GB/day for virtual machines saved overnight.
  • Virtual machines are fully patched with Windows updates so you always have an up to date machine.

Operating Systems

  • Vaasnet Virtual Machines are available in an ever-growing list of operating systems and configurations. We work with the community and our partners to provide you with the most relevant choices possible. Our complete list of operating systems currently available for you to use right now can be found here.


  • Use the virtual machine for as little time as you want (minutes even) and just pay for the time you use (we charge per minute with no minimum).
  • Delete the virtual machine the same day that you start it and pay nothing for disk space.
  • Usage pricing is per virtual machine hour used for each virtual machine type, from the time a virtual machine is started until it is saved (or shut down). See our virtual machine catalog for the current prices of each virtual machine (most are $0.99/hour).
  • We only charge for the virtual machine disk space you use, not the space allocated.
  • Storage pricing is per Gigabyte disk space used per day. Pricing is $0.02/GB/Day so a virtual machine using 15 Gigabytes of disk space* would cost approximately $9/month in storage charges.
    *There is no storage charge if you delete your virtual machine the same day you first start it.
    *15GB of disk space is based on the average disk space used by our typical virtual machine. Depending on how you configure your virtual machine, it may use more (or less) disk space.

Training, Demo, and Corporate Custom Virtual Machines

  • Vaasnet can provide custom pre-configured virtual machines with your own software on them for your customer demos, training, or corporate usage.
  • These machines are made private to just you and the users you invite.
  • There are multiple ways to invite users including email invite, providing unique invite keys, and a shared private URL.
  • Custom virtual machines start instantly just like the public templates.
  • Custom templates are $49/month per template which includes one warm machine and auto building of new machines on demand. Further machines can be built prior to a class or event.
  • Initial template setup is $125. Subsequent template updates are $50/update. We'll provide guidance throughout the process.
  • Machine usage and storage space follows the same fee structure as public templates.
  • Further corporate, training, and private plans are available.

Vaasnet Promise

  • If you're not satisfied, for any reason, within 30 days you get a full refund, period, no questions asked. We don't want your money if you're not amazingly happy.