Virtual Training Labs

Virtual Training Labs... Instantly!

Vaasnet provides virtual training labs, customized with your own configuration and training materials, and the tools you need to provide instant access to your students.

Whether you are training in a physical classroom or delivering remote virtual training, Vaasnet enables you to create a learning environment for each of your students. We provide a set of standard learning resources, allowing you to focus on the teaching rather than spending time refreshing your lab environment between classes. Build your virtual training environment to match your ideal configuration and easily share it with your students. Since each of your students will have their own virtual machine customized specifically for your class, they will experience the most out of your training environment while enabling them to focus on the education and learning experience. In addition, your students will be able to access the training environment from anywhere with an Internet connection -- so they can continue their learning even after they have left the classroom.

Vaasnet virtual training labs are ideal for educating your students with your own corporate applications and software, or with common technologies like SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows Server 2012, and Visual Studio.

How do the Vaasnet Training Virtual Labs work?

You build the virtual machine once (or you can give us instructions to build it, or send us a pre-built virtual machine image) and then we turn it into a virtual machine template on Vaasnet. A virtual machine template allows us to create an infinite number of virtual machines for your students. Once the virtual machine template is ready, you then send out one-time use invites to your students. Your students accept the invite and connect over Remote Desktop using their own unique credentials. At the end of the class your students can save their virtual machine and come back to it later, from any computer with an Internet connection, to continue their training on their own. We would then provide you statistics on the use of all of your virtual machines, which you can use to determine the impact of your class on your student's education. See the complete list of Vaasnet virtual training lab features for more information.

What about security?

You have full control over the templates and virtual machines through our virtual classroom tools. Only users whom you approve will be authorized to use your virtual machine templates. The user's’ own credentials are injected into the virtual machine so that they, and only they, can access their virtual machine once they begin using it.

How does the Virtual Training Lab pricing work?

Pricing is pay-as-you-go and dependent on the number of virtual machines needed, the size (vCPU and RAM) of the virtual machines, the total amount of time the virtual machines are running, and the amount of disk space used. We offer three different sized virtual machines, allowing you to pick the most cost efficient resources needed for your class, as well as the application demands of your courseware. The pay-as-you-go pricing for the virtual training labs gives you the ultimate in flexibility, allowing for various class sizes.

Virtual training lab pay-as-you-go pricing is calculated in the following way:

  • There is a $40/month charge for your virtual machine template.
  • There is no minimum billing amount for usage time.
  • There are charges for both usage (the amount of time your virtual machine is running) and for disk space (the amount of disk space used by your virtual machine).
  • Virtual machine usage time is only the time the virtual machine is running. To make this as efficient as possible for you, we provide an auto-pauser service which works like a screen saver to pause the virtual machines after a period of inactivity.
  • The usage charges are calculated down to the minute from the hourly rates listed below.
  • Disk charges only accumulate for virtual machines saved overnight.
  • Disk space is charged at the rate of $0.02/GB/day. The disk space is a calculation of the space used on disk, not the total virtual machine hard drive size. In other words, a 60GB VM which is only using 25GB of space will only be charged for the 25GB used ($0.50/day or $15/month).
  • For instance, consider a three day class with 20 students running 4GB virtual machines with 30GB of hard drive space. For 8-hour training days, this will cost $23.76 per student for usage, plus $1.80 per virtual machine for the storage space, over the three day class. This is only $25.56 per student for the three day class.

Pay-as-you-go Virtual Machine Options

  • Small Virtual Machine
    • Virtual machine provisioned with 2.30GHz CPU and 1GB RAM
    • $0.79/hour for virtual machine usage time
    • $0.02/GB/Day for disk space
  • Medium Virtual Machine - MOST POPULAR
    • Virtual machine provisioned with 2 X 2.30GHz CPU and 2GB-4GB RAM
    • $0.99/hour for virtual machine usage time
    • $0.02/GB/Day for disk space
  • Large Virtual Machine
    • Virtual machine provisioned with 4 X 2.30GHz CPU and 2GB-8GB RAM
    • $1.99/hour for virtual machine usage time
    • $0.02/GB/Day for disk space

All of our Virtual Training Labs include the following features:

  • No cap on the individual user's time on the virtual machines.
  • Two week (14-day) post class sandbox (students will be able to come back into their virtual machines to continue any training). We recommend keeping your students virtual machines around for two weeks after your class but of course it is up to you. You can delete your virtual machines at any time.
  • Individual invite URLs (with incremental or random IDs) for distribution to your students.
  • Virtual machines automatically save after 2 hours of inactivity (configurable).
  • Importing of existing virtual machine images (if necessary).
  • RDP access through a public IP address for each virtual machine.
  • An RDP Gateway Server is also available when tunneling over https is desired.
  • Full template and campaign management assistance.
  • Reports on usage showing template usage, average time per use/user, start count, etc.
  • Licensing for Windows Server operating systems on the virtual machines is provided. Other software installed on virtual machines must be trial or valid licenses.

We can also provide custom integration/development to tailor your virtual training lab to your unique needs. Contact us or read more about our custom Virtual Training Lab or Hyper-V Development offerings by visiting the Vaasnet custom development services page.